Civil Id Status Kuwait

Civil id status is also known as the profile of any person in Kuwait.  its means any person who is living in Kuwait must have this civil id card. Because this civil id provides the all details to the official that you are legal. civil id status also belongs to the paci civil id status card. So, if someone talks about the paci civil id status its also means he or she wanna check about civil id status. And here in this article, we are going to explain all the info and current details about it. let’s start,

Civil id status Kuwait Paci article Blog and informative Hub, Basically in Kuwait or the Similar States, You have to need an identity card which is used for your further information checking. In Kuwait, it’s important that you must have a civil id card for your identity verification.
Here in this article, you are going to read about the civil id status checking method And all the other related topics about this.

The state of Kuwait knows for its high currency rate for other countries. many of the other countries Labours comes for work in this state. Moreover, Every month Many of the hard workers generate high income from Kuwait. In this whole article, you will only read all the processes and details about civil id status.

How to Check Civil id status Through Online Website Portal Paci website?

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Step 1: Please open the Google and Search for Civil id status and click to Or Open this Link ( ). Further, a More easily step understanding snapshot is given below this line. You can easily verify step1 through image guidelines.

How to check civil id status step 1
How to check civil id status step 1.

Step 2: You will See the Kuwait Paci portal webpage, this page is simply an HTML web design page where only one box is available. You have to Write your Civil id card number and After that click to query button. SnapShot of Civil id status portal is mention above step you can verify your steps through a screenshot.

how to check civil id status step 2
Civil id status website require box details.

Step 3: After Clicking on Query Button you will get all the details about your civil id card. Mostly the Different Types of status shows after Clicking on the query Button, You can read each status pop-up message and its Meaning.

Civil Id status Pop-up message type 1.

According to Our Records, you’re holding a valid Civil id Card and there is no outstanding renewal Request.
Its means you have a valid civil id card and you do have not to worry about anything.

Civil Id Status pop-up message type 2.

According to our Records, you hold a civil id card which will be expiry shortly. It’s the Start lines of the pop-up message.
Its Means your civil id card is going to Expire in some days. So, Submit the Request for reviewal of your Civil id card. If you have already submitted a request for your Renewal civil id card then you can check a few days later. your civil id card status will be changed. ( If you have not any idea that how to review civil id card then please visit this Article )

Civil id status Pop up Massage type 3.

Civil ID card is still being processed It’s the second Common Pop-up Massage on the Paci website Portal.
Its means you have to clear the paci payment through the online website portal. Mostly this payment is about to 2 KD. So, After Payment of this 2 KD, your Civil id status will be Changed in Few Days.

Civil id status Pop Up message type 4.

The validation Failure Card supplied has an invalid length. This type of massage comes at that time when you’re going to check your civil id status the first time. Its means you have to write the wrong civil id card number. Mostly this happens when your miss any digit number of your civil id card.

How to check Civil Id Status Paci through Customer Help Line Number?

Many Times Due to any Technical problem or language barrier or any type of other problem. You have not easy to understand that how to check civil id status through the website portal. Then you can use it this way. it’s also an easy and most effective way for checking your civil id status.

Most people prefer any query information receiving through customer support service. because it’s a fully secure and effective way. here in this selection, we are going to explain that How you can check your Civil id status through the Customer Support service in Kuwait. Customer Support service paci provides you all the details about your related topics questions. moreover, they also guide your steps and all the important points for civil id status.
Any type of query or questions about civil id status you can ask through these steps Followings,

  • Step 1. Dail 188-99-88 Phone Number on your Cell Phone.
  • Step 2. Wait for Interactions by Computer.
  • Step 3. Select Your own Language if available otherwise English or Arabic is the most common language.
  • Step 4. Listen to all the given Commands and Press the Relevant option for your Questions.
  • Step 5. Prefer the talk with a Customer support person. Or Press Button for Talk with the Customer Support person.
  • Step 6. Firstly customer support asks some personal questions for verification of your identity then you can ask your questions.

How to check Civil id status Through Mobile Application?

Nowadays, the mobile application is most common tools in mobile phones. Every famous and Common online Service has its own applications for Different types of query followings. Same like this Paci Department also has its own Mobile Applications. That provides you all the information about the paci services and also provides you with the latest features of all the services.  However Civil id status checking also includes in these features. Let’s start the Steps which is needed for viewing the civil id status in Kuwait through mobile Application.

  • Step 1. Download and Install the paci Mobile application from the Play Store.
  • Step 2. After Installing Complete Paci mobile Application. Now Please open it from the phone Desktop Screen.
  • Step 3. Logging Your Accounts information. If you have Still not created Mobile Application Account. Then
  • Please First Create your Paci mobile Application Account and then follows the other Steps.
  • Step 4. After logging account Please click on Profile Details. Here you can check your civil id status and also other details.

Your Civil id Status Details are also available on the My mobile Id options Tab. When you will click on this button all the details will be at your Front of the Screen.

How we can Check Civil Id Status Profile?

we can check our civil id status details with different available methods. One method is online where you have to need internet access. And some is offline where you do not have to need internet access. First of all, let us talk about the online process method of civil id status.

Civil id status with Online paci Website

  • Open any web browser in the available device like Mobile, Tablet, computer, or laptop.
  • Now, here Open the Google Search engine and type  Civil id status and click the first website. Which is showing on google. Or you can easily direct go to this website through this website link ( )
  • When you will reach on target page of this website. A webpage will be shown at the front of you are current screen.
  • As per the Website require details, Here in this tab you have to write the civil id number. which is also you can see into the image guidelines as per step 1 and step 2 which is shows you in the start of this article.
  • After Clicking on the query button. A notification will show up. These are the details of the civil id card.
  • By this method, You can easily check you are civil id status validity.
  • The two types of different messages show in this notification. Which is appear after the clicking on query button at that time. When the civil id number is valid.
  • First Massage by the Paci is ” for valid civil id its means you have not to need to do anything and nothing any outstanding balance on it.
  • And the second Massage is about to convey to the civil id holder that you have the expired civil id card and please review it. If you have already submitted a request for a review then wait for 9 to 15 days.

Now let’s start the 2nd method of this process which is also online but with the mobile application.

How we can check our civil id status through Mobile E-Services App?

Nowadays mobile applications are most important for any website portal of online services. Because it’s the short method to view any service details. Most of us do not want to use any long method or way for daily services check. So, to save our time and get faster results through one click that is only one method which is through the mobile application. In Kuwait, civil id status is also possible with mobile applications. Let’s start this process without wasting time.

Steps for Civil id status through You are mobile Application in Kuwait

  • it’s not as necessary that you have already an account on the civil id status application.
  • Open you are mobile apps of civil id status, or you can easily get this application from the google play store. Where you have to write the paci civil id status and the app will show up at the front of the screen.
  • Now click to install and open it. It takes 2 to 4 mins.
  • After installing Complete on a cell phone. Now click to open it from the home screen.
  • Here in this image shot 1, you can clearly see, Where the App icon exists on the mobile, and after opening these apps which type of screen comes to you. And which options are available for log in to these apps.
  • Simply click to log in with Tumb verification, or figure print or you can also use you are mobile id.
  • After logging in completely the main dashboard will become to your screen.
  • Here you see easily see your profile details. Where the civil id info is also available. Moreover, the Date of birth and Passport number is also available which you can also check.

How we can check Civil id status through Calling on Customer Center?

The best way to clear the doubts and questions is about things is asking from anyone who is human. because most of the companies use voice machines that just guide you as per commands. So, if you have a problem checking your civil id status through an online website portal and with a mobile application. Then this is the best method for you where you can check your civil id status through customer care. Civil id status Customer help center provides you all the info which is you want to require because its a human guidelines portal and you can ask anything about the related topic.

Civil id status Voice query Portal

Here the few steps and requirements which are needed for it,

  • Open your phone dialer and dial this number 188-99-88.
  • Before calling on this number you must have enough balance.
  • After calling on this number which is giving you to into guidelines. Select your preferred language English, Hindi, or any available language which is you can easily understand.
  • Now choose the option to talk with a Customer care person.
  • after selecting this number the Customer care person asks about the info which you want to know.

How to check Kuwait Civil id status into the English Language on Help Center?

If, you can not understand the Arabic language. And facing many troubles then here the option which helps you get a more safe way to know all about the civil id card.

After calling on Helpline center number, here you have to choose the 2 Buttons means to press it from your dialer pad. These 2 Buttons or numbers prefer the English language. And after this selection all the interactions you will receive into the English language, And simply complete your other Require Infos.

Civil Id status Thorugh Massage in Kuwait

To get the fast delivery of any info is typing a message. because here you have not to need to follow any guidelines and follow the steps. Just need to type a message and send it to the given number. After a few mins later the result will also receive on the current mobile number. And today here in this article we are going to share the info about the civil id status with Massage.

Any info requirement completed that time when you follow the right path. So, here the some two to three steps guidelines that help to get you all the details about your current query.

  • Type your Civil id number into the Massage box where we are types other massages.
  • Same like that just write you are civil id number and query about it. For the Example Civil id renewal Space and send it on 18-899-88.
  • Before sending a message on this number you must have enough balance. because a few charges deducted for this query In Kuwait.

Civil id status for Kuwaiti and expatriates

Kuwaiti are those people who are official residents of Kuwait. This means these people belong to Kuwait state and all these types of people check the civil id status by giving guidelines which are the start of the article.

Expatriates in Kuwait are those people who belong to another country. Those all types of people living in Kuwait on visas. These types of people may be any organization worker or employee employees maybe these people is the driver or any type of doing the job in Kuwait. These all types of people also can check civil id status through the given method. which is fully explained at the start of the article.

Civil id status Renewal Process with short method

Every service which is taking from any other sources one day will be expired. And after expiring these services you have to review them. Otherwise, you can not continue that services. And here into this selection, we are going to explain the process of civil id status renewal which is easy and simple base on few steps.

  • Open you are Brower in your current device, it’s not any requirement that you must have mobile of the pc device. you can check these details on any type of device which is connected to the internet and also support online Browsing.
  • Now open the Google main page where you have to write the “Civil id status renewal” query and click to search button.
  • After Clicking on the Search button. Google shows up different results about this topic. you have to choose the Paci Multi Payment tab or heading. Or you can also go to directly this webpage through this link ( Paci-Reviewal-civil-id-status)
  • Here in this image guidelines, you can see the first image which is the first web page of a given website.
  • on this webpage of Paci civil id site, you have to select the start e-services.
  • E-services is basically electronic services, after clicking on this button a new civil paci site page will be open at the front of you are device. Where you have to write the id number and click to inquiry button.
  • after clicking on the inquiry button the next page will show up. here you have to check the renewal fees and click to payment button. if you want to pay the renewal fees. otherwise, you can cancel it.
  • If you click on the payment button, Then you will get this type of screen which shows you into the image guideline.
  • Here you can see after clicking on the payment button, new windows of payment webpage at the front of your screen.
  • Where you have to write the banking info or card details. Write your required details and submit them.
  • after clicking on Submit button, The policy of terms and conditions page will be open. Click to agree with the button.
  • After clicking on agree button the receipt of payment will show up. which you can also save into the mobile.

What are Civil id Status Renewal Fees in Kuwait?

After checking the civil id status, two ways are coming to you first your card is still valid, and the second is your civil id card is expired. in case of your card expired here the fees and some details. which is helps to complete other steps.

  • At the first time of applying for a new civil id, you have to pay the 5 Kuwaiti dinars.

So, if you’re going to apply for the first time then you have also completed these documents.

  • Clear Photos of your face without any filter and face mask.
  • Moreover, you have also need a copy of the passport page where your personal details are mentioned.
  •  Those who are older than 16 years need the form of Security details clearance with a fingerprint.
  • The Valid and original birth prof in case if someone born in Kuwait.
  • certificate of blood in case if someone is 5 years old.
  • The address verification prof is also needed for it. So, also bring address verification documents.
  • Declaration Latter which is signed by your sponsor into Kuwait.

These all the information is required at that time when your going to issue first time your civil id status card.

The Civil id status Renewal Process for Kuwaiti and Expartaies

The civil id status renewal process is based on few steps which are important to complete. These all the requirements you have to full fill with all the accurate info.

  • All the Civil id status services are performed by the Paci official. and it’s the main site where you all the other services you can check. So, to do the renewal process of civil id status you have to also visit this site. You can visit this site in two ways. The first is with Google.
  • Where you have to write the paci official portal. And second is through this direct link ( Paci official Portal )
  • Click on the Given link which helps you to complete the steps about the renewal of civil id status.
  • After opening the current website link you will get a screen of the webpage. where you have to write the civil id card number.
  • After writing your civil number on the required boxes. Now you have also verified your mobile number. This number verification is done by a security code that is sent by the Paci site on your phone number. Simply write that code on the paci site. And click on the Next button.
  • Paci also asks about some required documents which you have to upload.
  • after Completing all the required details. A system reference number automatically sends to your registered phone number. this Reference number is used to tracking your civil id card.
  • This Complete Process takes 10 to 15 days for the further steps. After completing these steps a massage will be sent by the official on your phone number. which is also a payment massage. after this message receiving you have to pay the civil id card fees through the given link into the massage. otherwise, you can also pay this fee by visiting the official paci website portal.

Civil id status process Guide with Video Tutorial

Some of us do not have good reading skills and they can not easily read any language. And most of the people in Kuwait belong to another country that has a different language. Moreover, many of the people are just a low level of education. so as this result they can not understand effectively English. for those types of people, this is video tutorial is easy to convey. Civil id status video tutorials for Alls

  • Click on the given link and all the videos will show up at the front of your screen.
  • You can choose your preferred language.
  • All the steps are clearly shown in the video and each step is deeply explained in the videos.

Civil id status Kuwait Offical Paci For Any Other Query

if you’re still facing any type of trouble checking your civil id status or related to this topic. then you can also visit the Paci official department. Where you can ask any about it. So, here the question is how you will find the paci office in Kuwait which is nearby you. it’s not harder to find Paci office because nowadays everything is gonna online and all the services details are easily you can find through online systems.

  • To Find the Paci Office nearby you, first of all, you have to open your mobile Map. or google map.
  • here simple on the current location and search for the Paci office. Google shows you the accurate place which is nearby you.
  • now use the directions and visit the office.

Civil Id status Payment Method.

Payment means the money paid for the current service. Most all the official services have an online Payment system in Kuwait. Because it provides a time-saving process. Civil id status payments include the Renewal fees and fines of Kuwait. So, whenever you will check your Civil id status payment profile your fines and renewal fees also shows. let’s Start the steps which are used for civil id status Payment.

  • Step 1. Open the Google and Search Civil id status Payment. After that click the first searching Result Or Click to This Link ( )
  • Step 2. click to Start the E-Services Button.
    After Starting the E-Services, Here you have to Write your civil Id Number and Click to Show the Results. After that, you can here pay your Civil id Payment by Filling few banking Details. For Example your Master card or Credit card details.

Civil id Status Delivery at your Home Address

it’s a great service nowadays that you can order your civil id card at your home address. This service saves your time and also provides you a civil id card in a short time period. Here the Complete steps and details about this service. By following these steps you can easily get your civil id card.

  • Search in Google Delivery Paci kw or visit Directly to this website with this link ( Delivery Paci Card )
  • After opening the given website or clicking on the given link. You will get this type of home screen.
  • Here you have to select the arrow mention tab. And click on the Home Button. this Home Button shows after clicking on the menu button on the Paci Delivery website Portal.
  • Here you can see when you will select the menu tab, A pop menu will be open at the front of the screen there you have to select the home button.
  • After selecting the Home button on Paci civil id status site, Now you have to Scroll down the mouse down and click on the  I Accept all the terms and policy of services. means here you have to check the mark into the box. And click to Start button.
  • After click to start button a new page will be open. Where you have to add your civil id number and serial number. This serial number you can check at the back of your civil id card.
  • Now click to add button after writing both requirements.
  • These snapshots are further steps of Civil id status delivery. You can see after clicking on Add button your card successfully add into the tab and click the next button.
  • after the Next tab here you have to put the basic details, your name, and delivery time of the card. Moreover, you have also written your mobile number and select the language.
  • Email address also required by the website so, write your accurate email address.
  • All the Details are normal and easy to write.

NOTE: You have to change your address info. By default, your address is select the Paci official department,

  • where your living writes that department paci address code, And this code you can easily track when your enter into the building. you can also see the snapshot of how its looks.
  • After writing your living building paci number and details. Now also write any famous place name into the extra details box.
  • After it clicks on the Next button. And the Transactions payment profile will be open at the front of your screen. here write the banking details and click on the clear payment button.

FAQ About the Civil id Status

The FAQ is basically a commonly asked question by visitors or people through social websites and comments in the posts. And here are all the recent commonly Faq questions with short and easy Answers. All the Available methods of Civil id status check are described in this article. You can view each method moreover all the methods are working and fully secure. You can use all the methods in Kuwait.

If you’re facing any type of problem or Error during checking your civil id status. Then please contact to customer Support team or Comment on us. We will help you to resolve your Problem. Any Service which we obtain by officials. It provides us some important and uses full features. most of the features of the service are unbelievable. without these features, we cant straggle in the current country. Kuwait is famous for its income and high rate of its currency. Many poor countries’ labor and employees come to Kuwait for making a huge amount of money.

Why do We Need For Civil status Check?

It’s important that you must know your civil id expired date. So that’s why people check for civil id status. because if your civil id Expired you’re all the official services will be stopped. And you have also pay the fines on it.

What does means by E gov Kw civil id status?

It also means checking your Identity card status in Kuwait. People write in it with the official website address. So, in google, its auto Appear because most people search like this.

Why do we need for civil id card in Kuwait.?

Kuwait is highly currency rate state in World. Many of the other countries’ people come to generate income into Kuwait. These people identify with civil id cards. So you have must Apply for it. Otherwise, you have nothing no identity in Kuwait.

How we can check civil ID status in Kuwait with the short method?

All the short methods and process of these steps is already mention into this article. At the front of the start article, you can read short ways to check civil id status. where all the other details are easy to explain. Moreover, Online E-services methods and without using any online services method is also explained in this article. please select the article for more details.

How we can get Kuwaiti Civil ID online without facing any problem?

yes, it’s not any bigger problem that you can get your civil id online just following some basic steps. if you will follow all the basic steps as per guidelines then you can easily receive them. Your civil id card within few days. you can read the article where the guidelines are explained.

How we can find the reference number in Kuwait Civil ID?

Reference number based on two different categories. first is that number which you will receive on your mobile number when you apply for a civil id card. And 2nd is that number which is written at the back on your civil id card.

What is civil id Kuwait and where we can use this civil id card Kuwait?

The civil id is basically the identity of any person in Kuwait which is an issue by the official Kuwait government. Moreover, it’s also important that if your living in Kuwait you must have a valid civil id card. All the Primary and official services are required a civil id card. for example, you can open your own personal banking account through this civil id. And you can also avail all the other services same like this.

How we can pay for our civil ID Fee?

All the info about this topic you can read into the article. Where all the basic and short steps are explained. It’s the next step of the civil id status check. Where you have to pay the required amount for the renewal of your civil id card.

How many days are required for receiving a civil id card?

Mostly 9 to 16 days is required to receive your civil id card. if any query is still pending then maybe its take longer. Sometimes people can not clear the renewal payments. as the result, the card is never issued to the current address. So, after submitting the request you must have follows the other steps. You can read the full article where all the details are written about this topic.

Can I leave Kuwait without a civil ID?

Before Leaving Kuwait Firstly you have to know about the Civil id Status. Means to say if any fines or any payments are pending on civil id. Then you have to clear it. Otherwise maybe for un clearance of payment you have to be ban into Kuwait. In recent few years, many people try to leave the country Kuwait. Without clear the pending payments of the card. So, in this case, they are ban. Because sometimes you get a loan from the banks. and banks account is always open on you are civil id card. So, Always becare fully about these things.

​How long does it take to get a civil ID in Kuwait?

The maximum Duration needed is about 30 Days. During These Days You can Also check You are Kuwait Id card through the online Website Portal. Where You can easily Track You are Kuwait Id.or you can directly check Civil id Status from online Portal.

​What Happens if I lost my civil id card in Kuwait?

A civil id card is like a national id card. Which is used for all the legal services taking into Kuwait. if you lost it and someone finds it. its means that a person can easily buy sims and same like other services through you are civil id card. so, it’s important if this type of happens simply compliant it to the paci office and apply for a new card.

​Can I apply for 2 civil id cards?

No. every person just applies for one civil id card.

​How can I check my civil id card expiry status online?

The expiry date of the Civil id card is means you can not use this card after expiry. So, to check this expiry date you have to use the e-services from the paci website portal.

​Can I use a broken civil id card?

No. You can not use a broken civil id card. So, Anyhow if you are card is broken then apply for a new civil id card. otherwise, maybe you will get a fine on a broken civil id card when you will be checked by any official officer in Kuwait.

​How can I apply civil id card for my Children?

If you are children is over 18 years old then you can apply for a civil id card through an official online portal. Otherwise, you can not apply for it.

​First Civil id Card Requirments and how I will get?

If you are going to apply for the first time you are civil card then you have to read the all requirements of the Paci official. and follows all the requirements then you can apply for you are first id card. Moreover, you can only apply through the online website portal. when you have filled all the requirements means documents etc.

​What do you do if you lost your civil card outside the Kuwaiti state?

If you are a resident of the Kuwaiti state, and you lost your Kuwaiti civil card outside the State of Kuwait, then you must go to the headquarters of the Kuwaiti embassy in the country in which you reside, and request the certificate that contains your personal data in order to be able to return to Kuwait again, and after returning he visits the Information Authority Kuwaiti authorities until he requests the issuance of a replacement for a lost Kuwaiti civil card.

At the end of the topic, and after we got acquainted with what the Kuwaiti civil card is, how to inquire about civil ID status, inquire about its validity, about the services that the Kuwaiti Civil Authority provides, about how to renew it for residents, and about the solution in the event of losing it outside the borders of the Kuwaiti state, you only have to share This topic is all over social media.