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Inquire about the paci civil id status of the Kuwaiti civil card through the official electronic portal of the Public  Department Authority and Civil Information using the civil number, and in addition to this service, the portal provides many electronic services that both Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates can benefit from, such as paying civil ID renewal fees online and many other services.

Civil id status is basically any person’s professional and personal record details in Kuwait. And here in this article the methods and process is explained about checking the status of civil id. Civil id status based on few different available methods. which is you can easily use in Kuwait. Moreover these all Methods easy to use and easy to complete. Lets Starts

Civil id status with paci Portal is the official method to check the details of a civil id card. most of us know this paci as the A Department of Public Authority of the  Civil Information in Kuwait. So, you can check civil id status through the civil website portal. Please Follows these steps for viewing details.

Step 1:

To, Check the Details about the Civil id status simply click on this Link ( Paci Portal ). After Clicking on this Given Website option. A new window will show up like this type of page.

Paci civil id status
Paci civil id status Process image Guide

Step 2:

Simple Write Down you require details about the civil id. And click on the query button. This given image is a snapshot of the Paci portal. Where you have to write the civil id number into the Box.

What is civil id status?

What is civil id status?
Civil Id Status Process to Check Details

In Kuwait, civil id status checked for viewing any outstanding request of civil id card renewal. Moreover, it also means that to check the expiry of your card. Most of the people carry expiry cards. because they have not info about it. So, By the Paci portal, any Kuwait officials can not carry the expiry card. Moreover, on this blog, you can read all the basic points about it.

What is Public Authority for Paci civil id status?

Inquiry about the readiness of the civil card Kuwait is an electronic service provided by the Public Authority for Civil Information on its official portal in order to facilitate the completion of services for citizens and expatriates in the State of Kuwait, and the process of inquiring about the paci civil id status of the civil card is done by following one of the following methods.

How to Check Paci’s civil id status?

The process of inquiring about the paci civil id status of the civil card in Kuwait is done through the electronic portal of the Public Authority, Civil Information, through the following steps:

  • Follow the link for inquiring about the paci civil id status provided by the Public Department Authority Kuwait for Civil Information from here.
Paci civil id status
Paci civil id status Process image Guide
  • The civil number of a Kuwaiti citizen or an expatriate has been entered.
  • Click on the icon to inquire about the position of the civil ID.
  • After that, a page will appear for you containing all the information related to your civil card.

If you are civil id status shows the notification about the card is still begin processed its means now you have to pay the 2 KD. And now you can also apply for home delivery for you are card. For more info about this process please read the topic paci civil id delivery in Kuwait.


If you are still confusing about the process of checking civil id status. because of the online Website portal Difficult language and Steps. Here another Process about the video guidelines. Where you can see all the steps and requirements about the online viewing status of civil id.

Watch video Guide Lines Here

How to Check Civil id status Kuwait in English?

Inquiries about the status of the civil card in Kuwait over the phone are done by following simple steps as well, it is enough to just focus and follow the instructions to complete this service:

  • The next number 1889988 is installed and the call button is pressed.
  • Press the number 1 to continue in Arabic, or 2 to continue in English.
  • Press the number 1 again, then enter the civil number, followed by *.
  • You can send a message with the following text “Civil Number” to the same number and wait for your request to be answered.

How to Check Civil id status With Zain Sim?

Through modern tools and advanced technologies in Kuwait, the citizen and resident can make an electronic query about the civil card through the official website of the Public Authority for Civil Information, as it is considered the only entity authorized to issue the card, so instead of the trouble of going to the headquarters of the Civil Information Authority,

The individual can through any A device connected to the Internet, whether it is a mobile, computer, or laptop, make inquiries about the civil ID easily and conveniently, and this is what we show in detail about all its electronic services, and also a large number of foreigners in Kuwait search for civil id status for the purpose of inquiring about it.

Paci civil id card status in the office

If you are want to check all the details about you are card in the office. Then you can also do this with few steps completing. You have to only visit the Paci office in Kuwait. There you have to ask about the information center. where you have to ask about the details about you are card.

Moreover, You can also get these details through Your email. This means you have to write you have required info and send it to the office Email address. After few working hours, you will get a response from the office.

Steps For Civil Id Status with Zain Network,

You can get text messages about the civil card service by the Public Authority for Civil Information through the civil card service from Zain, where a message is sent to the number 1889988 and the customer receives a service message with a value of 50 fils per message.

  • Renewal of the civil ID: Send (T civil number) to 1889988.
  • Inquiry about the validity of the civil card: (Q civil number) to 1889988.
  • Inquiries about the civil id status: (receipt number m) to 1889988.

How to Check Civil Id Status on Calling?

In order to make it easier for citizens and expatriates who do not know how to use computers and to ease the situation on the authority’s website, the Public Authority for Civil Information decided to set up a different mechanism for inquiring about civil id status through the voice service,

by calling the number 1889988 and then giving the civil number so that the position of the civil card is known through This service, and therefore there is more than one possible way to inquire about the city and to know the civil id status, as well as the position of the civil, to make it easier for citizens and expatriates.

How to Check Civil Id Status in Google?

Recently, some branches of the Department Public Authority Kuwait for Civil Information have been disrupted for the causes to the circumstances that have occurred in the country as a result of the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic in the Arab and foreign arena, and thus Kuwait has taken the best prevention methods to preserve the health of citizens and residents as a result of this crisis,

By disrupting the branches of some Public Authority for Civil Information as one of the precautionary measures, The civil id status appeared strongly during that period, where you can now inquire about the civil id status through the link of the Public Authority for Civil Information, which we review in detail during the following paragraph, with an explanation of the method of inquiring about the readiness of the civil card with the steps shown.

During the recent period, there has been an accumulation of civil id as a result of the authority’s failure after the outbreak of the new epidemic, and therefore you can now enter the link to inquire about the readiness of the civil card before going to receive it, as electronic services now provide time and effort for expatriates and citizens through the existing technical channels, By pressing a button, a person can first know civil id status.

Civil id status for expatriates Kuwait

A Huge number of expatriates are living in Kuwait. Which are also doing local jobs in Kuwait. Most of the workers and employees in Kuwait are expertise. basically these all the expatriates belong to different countries.

So, if you are want to check any expatriates Kuwait civil id card status then you have to understand that it’s the same process. ever you are where from you are Kuwait id card always be checked with same like another Kuwaiti civil id card. Because all the people who received the civil card issue the same place wherefrom issue the expatriates cards.

Some times language barrier comes because Kuwait has owned different language, most of us just a little bit know about Arabic. so, we can not understand that what we have to read and what we have to say. So, if you are facing the same problem to understand the current website language of the paci official. Then don’t worry you can easily translate it with you are own language. Which you can easily speak and easily read.

You have to just click on the switch language button which is you can see at the top of the website conner. or you can also translate it with you are google translator.

Offline Method to Check the Status of You are Civil id card

Most of us know about online the online method which is used for this process. which means where you have to use the internet and online website portal to check the details about you are requirements. But today we are also going to explain to you about the offline method to check civil id card status. where you have not to need to use the internet services. here two different methods are available offline.

First is with you are cell phone. Nowadays every person has a cell phone and all of us know how to use it. So, simply you have to call the Paci office and ask about the process or ask about the status of you are card. Moreover, you can also use the help center where the employees are always available during working hours for providing all types of info about this topic.

2nd Method is which is also more effective and the best way to collect all the details about you are topic or civil id card. means in this method you have to visit the office of the paci. Now the main issue is how you will know that where is the paci office in Kuwait. So, if you have not info that where the paci office in Kuwait simply open you are google map and search the paci location on it. You can easily check that which office is nearby you. Moreover, you can also get the location through this way also.

Fines and Payments on you are Civil card

times anyhow some payments are still outstanding on your are card. So, It’s important that you have to check if any fine is still outstanding on you are civil id card.

  • Go to the Offical website service of Paci.
  • Where you have to select the E-services from the menu bar. It’s not harder to find this option because you can easily find this option in the menu bar.
  • After the Selection of e-services from the Menue bar now select the residents and citizens services and click on the Next button.
  • When you will select the next button a new window will be open at the front of you are screen. Where you have to select the Civil id Fine Payments.
  • Now a window will appear where you have to click on start the services.
  • After it, a box will appear where you have to put the civil id card number. Because it’s the basic requirement which you have to provide the website portal.
  • After writing you are civil id card number now fill in the image code. This image code shows that you are a human, not any robot. So, don’t be confuse simply write the image code. And click to next.
  • After clicking on the Next button. All the details about you are civil id card fine will be appearing at the front of your are screen from here you can check are the fine amount and you can also pay the current amount of you are fine through this online Portal.
  • Clear you are all the fines payments and receive the receipt of you are fine payments.

Civil Id status Website 

Civil Id status Website, It should be noted that the electronic portal of the Public Authority for City Information allows its Kuwaiti citizens and residents in Kuwait many electronic inquiry services related to the civil card, and to follow up all their procedures in terms of issuing the card, pay civil paci civil id fees as well as pay civil paci civil id renewal fees, ending with obtaining information related to the validity National ID.

Citizens and residents can benefit from all electronic services available through the electronic portal of the Civil Information Authority in Kuwait by visiting the online portal at the following link and clicking on the payment option, then inserting their civil number and clicking on the inquiry option, and then All the procedures that appear in front of them on the screen are followed.

In our article, we learned about the most important steps for paying paci civil id fees in Kuwait for Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti citizens, in addition to any information related to this new service Given by the Department of  Public Authority  Kuwait for Civil Details through its official portal

How can I check my civil ID or Civil id Status in Kuwait?

  • You can Check With These Available Resources, please call 1889988 or visit the website of the Public Authority for Civil Details.
  • The civil ID status inquiry service is now available through the electronic portal of the Public Authority for Civil Details, in the easiest way possible to find an online civil id status as follows:
    • Enter the link to inquire about civil id status and follow-up. (Online Portal For Civil ID Status)
    • Through the inquiry window, then write “civil number” in the designated field.
    • A detailed statement about the readiness of the civil card will appear, and it is worth noting that the civil number is the civil card number,
    • where each civil card has its own civil number, so the civil number is considered as a fingerprint as there are no duplicate civil numbers, but the civil number is the card number written on it.

How can I download my civil ID in Kuwait?

Install the app on your smartphone from the App Store for phones running the iOS operating system or from the Play Store for Android phones.

How can I get Kuwait Mobile-ID?

  • Self-registration through the application (currently available).
    Note: Only identity verification and mid-level authentication will be available through this registration channel. Electronic signature and high-level authentication services are not available in this option, and they will only be available through our other channels (self-service machines and registration in service centers of the Department Public Authority Kuwait for Civil Information).
  • Registration is through self-service machines distributed by the Department Public Authority Kuwait for Civil Information (currently available).
    – National Bank of Kuwait (NBK): Al-Raya branch.
    Kuwait Finance House (KFH): KFH Automotive, Shuwaikh branch.
  • Visit the main center of the Public Department Authority Kuwait for Civil Information in South Surra (later).

How can I renew my civil ID online in Kuwait?

For the Renew You are Civil Id Card you can visit this link Kuwait civil id renewal.

Can I leave Kuwait without a civil ID?

Before Leaving Kuwait Firstly you have to know about the Civil id Status. Means to say if any fines or any payments are pending on civil id. Then you have to clear it. Otherwise maybe for un clearance of payment you have to be ban into Kuwait. In recent few years, many people try to leave the country Kuwait. Without clear the pending payments of the card. So, in this case, they are ban. Because sometimes you get a loan from the banks. and banks account is always open on you are civil id card. So, Always becare fully about these things.

How long does it take to get a civil ID in Kuwait?

The maximum Duration needed is about 30 Days. During These Days You can Also check You are Kuwait Id card through the online Website Portal. Where You can easily Track You are Kuwait Id.or you can directly check Civil id Status from online Portal.

What Happens if I lost my civil id card in Kuwait?

A civil id card is like a national id card. Which is used for all the legal services taking into Kuwait. if you lost it and someone finds it. its means that a person can easily buy sims and same like other services through you are civil id card. so, it’s important if this type of happens simply compliant it to the paci office and apply for a new card.

Can I apply for 2 civil id cards?

No. every person just applies for one civil id card.

How can I check my civil id card expiry status online?

The expiry date of the Civil id card is means you can not use this card after expiry. So, to check this expiry date you have to use the e-services from the paci website portal.

Can I use a broken civil id card?

No. You can not use a broken civil id card. So, Anyhow if you are card is broken then apply for a new civil id card. otherwise, maybe you will get a fine on a broken civil id card when you will be checked by any official officer in Kuwait.

How can I apply civil id card for my Children?

If you are children is over 18 years old then you can apply for a civil id card through an official online portal. Otherwise, you can not apply for it.

First Civil id Card Requirments and how I will get?

If you are going to apply for the first time you are civil card then you have to read the all requirements by the Paci official. and follows all the requirements then you can apply for you are first id card. Moreover, you can only apply through the online website portal. when you have filled all the requirements means documents etc.

What do you do if you lost your civil card outside the Kuwaiti state?

If you are a resident of the Kuwaiti state, and you lost your Kuwaiti civil card outside the State of Kuwait, then you must go to the headquarters of the Kuwaiti embassy in the country in which you reside, and request the certificate that contains your personal data in order to be able to return to Kuwait again, and after returning he visits the Information Authority Kuwaiti authorities until he requests the issuance of a replacement for a lost Kuwaiti civil card.

At the end of the topic, and after we got acquainted with what the Kuwaiti civil card is, how to inquire about civil ID status, inquire about its validity, about the services that the Kuwaiti Civil Authority provides, about how to renew it for residents, and about the solution in the event of losing it outside the borders of the Kuwaiti state, you only have to share This topic is all over social media.