civil id name change in Kuwait

All the Details about the civil id name change you can read here, for example, A person may wish to change his name for many reasons, and regardless of the reasons, it is the right of any person to change his civil id name change according to what he wants and according to the rules, regulations, and systems. It is possible to change the name officially and legally with specific steps and procedures, which we will learn about in this article in detail.

Civil id name change procedure

As for the necessary conditions and procedures, they are as follows:

  1. Writing a report explaining the old civil id name change and the new civil id name change to which you want to change, and clarifying the reason for the change in the report.
  2. Download Form No. 203 of the Civil Status Form related to changing names, then print and fill it out.
  3. Bring a copy of the personal status card for whoever wants to change his name, a copy of his father’s card, and a copy of the family card.
  4. These papers are submitted to the status office to be submitted to a specialized committee, and you have to review them after a specific period between one week to a month at the most, so that the change is approved, where the old and new name and the reasons for the change are presented to the committee.
  5. When you arrive at the appointed time, you will be informed of whether or not the committee has agreed.
  6. If the committee approves, your data file will be delivered to you, to go to the notary public, accompanied by two witnesses, to document your civil id name change.
  7. You will also be given a paper stating the necessity to publish two advertisements in newspapers informing you of your intention to change your name, one of these newspapers will be official and the other regular. (You must wait 30 days after publishing the announcement to review the conditions) For example, the civil id name change can be announced in the Umm Al-Qura newspaper as an official newspaper, and choose another regular one.
  8. After authentication from the notary and after 30 days of publishing the declaration, you must return to the status office to receive a letter to take to the Criminal Investigation Department.
  9. You will get a letter from the investigation authorities, so you can go to the Civil Status Office to have your new name approved.
  10. You will get a document certified by them with your old civil id name change and a new name, this document enables you to change your name in other government departments such as your name in certificates, bank accounts, etc., and your name cannot be changed without this certified document even if you got a new national identity card with your new name.

Thus, your new name has been approved, you can book a civil status appointment to renew the status card and issue one with the new name, and you can also change the family card according to the new name.

How long does it take for the civil id name change?

There is no specific period for this, but it is expected between 10 days to a month (after the thirty days of publishing the advertisement), in case there are no problems or complications in your data files necessary for this transaction.

What are the Conditions for the civil id name change for children?

For children who have not yet obtained a birth certificate, the change of their name is by referring to the hospital in which the occurrence of birth took place, as it is changed in the hospital system through which the notification is made, but if the hospital does not deal with the electronic notification system, the name is changed in a paper Notification of the birth delivered to the parents, and there are no other conditions.

In the event that a birth certificate is registered and extracted, then the change is made through a visit to the Status Office by the father or mother of the child with the national identity.

Names banned in adverbs

There are limited restrictions on some names so that they may not be used, and their registration as names of persons is not acceptable in any case

  • It is not allowed to register names contrary to Islamic law.
  • Compound names are not permitted.
  • Names are not allowed to be registered with a surname.