paci civil id delivery in Kuwait

Civil id delivery Kuwait Time and Process and how to submit requests for the home delivery you can get details in this article. The civil card delivery link is used by citizens and residents on Kuwaiti lands to go to this service directly without the need to visit any of the other Internet pages, and Kuwaitis and residents can go to the General Authority for Civil Information website and book an appointment in advance to receive civil cards instead of the paid delivery service When desired.

Civil id delivery Request At your Door Step or Office Address

Now you can easily submit a request for your Civil id card with the simple following steps,

  • Open your Mobile or computer browser. Search For delivery paci gov kw or click to this link address. ( )
  •  Read all the given terms and services details for the delivery. Now click to accept these terms and services by the delivery company. You can see the snapshot of this step mention above down this line.

step 2 for civil id card delivery

  • Now please click on the delivery Request Button on the paci website web page. More easily understanding you can view the snapshot of this step.

step 3 for civil id card delivery

  • Now Here you have to write your civil id card number with also the serial number. Please write both your civil id card and serial number both and click on to add button.

step 5 for civil id card delivery

  • where you can find the serial numbers on the civil id cards about this you can view the snapshot of this step.

step 4 for civil id card delivery

  • Now on this step, you have to fill in the required details as like your contact and address information. it’s normally not hard to fill an available box. So, write accurate information into the given boxes and then click on the Next button. A snapshot of this step is also mentioned above this line,

civil id delivery request require details

  • Now when you will click on the Next button. A new page of civil delivery paci website open which reviews your details page. Here you have to review and verify your details. please check your details that you have entered the correct details on the website. Now click on the Next button you can also check the snap shot of this step.

conform delivery civil id card details

  • Now here you have to select the available payment method. You can select any banking payment method. After that simply write your payment details and click to submit button.

payment details for civil delivery

  • After completing this action. You will get a print slip webpage. where you can download or save your payment slip. you can also see the snapshot of this step.

civil id delivery invoice print slip details

The delivery cost of Your civil id card in Kuwait is 2 KWD. Normally Delivery reach in two working days at your home address or given address.

Easy Steps for Civil id Card Delivery Status

After Submitting a request for civil id card delivery. you can also check your delivery status through these simple available steps.

  1. First of all, you have to open a mobile or computer browser.
  2. After that simply Search in google for Delivery paci Civil id card Status or visit this link ( )
  3. Now Here write your civil id card number and click to search button.
  4. Your Civil id Card status details will be at the front of your screen.

civil id card delivery

civil id card delivery The Public Authority for Civil Information in the State of Kuwait undertakes several tasks and specializations, the most prominent of which are: issuance and renewal of civil cards for residents and citizens in addition to registering newborns and collecting all fees related to this information through approved electronic payment channels, and the authority has also been keen to provide many information services through Its official website, including the service of inquiring about the status of the card and the service of inquiring about the civil number for expatriates.

paci civil id delivery

paci civil id delivery The Public Authority for Civil Information in the State of Kuwait announced the launch of the civil cards service to citizens and residents, starting on Thursday 12 / November / 2020 AD, and the authority stated that the speed of card delivery depends on the arrangement procedures with the approved delivery team It is worth noting that the delivery service is one of the services that aim to limit the mixing of customers to ensure control of the spread of the Corona epidemic in Kuwait.

paci civil id delivery appointment

paci civil id delivery appointment All citizens and residents of Kuwaiti territory can follow the following steps to benefit from the civil ID delivery service:

  • Visit the website of the Civil Information Authority “ From here ”.
  • Click on the civil card delivery service from the interface.
  • Read all terms and conditions then agree to them.
  • Click on the blue start service icon.
  • Fill in all the information required by the system.
  • Payment of connection fees via the K-net channel.
  • Wait for the user to receive a call from the delivery company.

Civil ID delivery fees to homes in Kuwait

Civil ID delivery fees The Public Authority for Civil Information in Kuwait stated that the civil card delivery service is one of the services paid by the beneficiary without the authority bearing any of these costs, and the delivery fee reaches 2 Kuwaiti dinars, and all citizens and residents can deliver More than one card to the same address and pay a fee of 0.25 Kuwaiti dinars for each additional card instead of paying two dinars.

How to Submit Request to Civil ID delivery in Kuwait

Civil ID delivery  We can go to the civil card delivery service in Kuwait “ from here ” directly instead of booking an appointment to visit the Civil Information Authority to receive the card after renewing or issuing it.

Citizens and residents of Kuwait click on the link to deliver the civil card to homes, then agree to all terms and conditions related to this service, so that they can fill in their information, pay the delivery fees, and then wait until the responsible company delivers the card without having to leave the house.

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